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0.00005 LSK (30%) 0.0001 LSK (65%)
0.00025 LSK (3%) 0.0005 LSK (1.9%)
0.001 LSK (0.099%) 1 LSK (0.001%)

All you have to do is enter your LSK address and solve the captcha! Then find more Lisk faucets at FaucetDump.

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Address Claim Type
866172677445329360L 0.00010000 Claim
5891688735566721754L 0.00001000 Referral
7218909646608898358L 0.00005000 Claim
13354320113077769385L 0.00000500 Referral
5891688735566721754L 0.00000500 Referral
15836241394262170966L 0.00005000 Claim
11328032947581169056L 0.00010000 Claim
5891688735566721754L 0.00001000 Referral
1381269558858018296L 0.00001000 Referral
409983120243825667L 0.00010000 Claim


Address Total Claimed
5891688735566721754L 0.22745700 LSK
16781872866465323165L 0.05915000 LSK
4663140242161602795L 0.04182000 LSK
12506808532689445290L 0.03345000 LSK
7916546166936014601L 0.03309000 LSK
9040244655286384211L 0.03200000 LSK
2444401004182680262L 0.02717000 LSK
12487628841066718864L 0.02704600 LSK
6023173126804192803L 0.02677000 LSK
6842853774147387734L 0.02625000 LSK


Date Address Sent Status TxID
23-May-2017 20:29:53 167818728664653... 0.04000000 LSK Complete 466616171218330...

What is Lisk?

Blockchain Applications. Written in JavaScript. Running on Sidechains.

Find out more!
Lisk is a decentralized network such as Bitcoin, Nxt, or BitShares. It doesn't utilize Proof of Work like Bitcoin, or Proof of Stake like Nxt. Lisk uses a simplified implementation of BitShares' original consensus algorithm called Delegated Proof of Stake. That means every LSK holder can vote for mainchain delegates which are securing the network.
There are only a maximum of 101 active mainchain delegates which always got the most votes on the whole network, and only they can earn block generation rewards, that means there is a financial incentive to become an active delegate. Every other delegate is on standby awaiting to become elected, or alternatively, securing a Lisk sidechain.

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